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All the Property help you need Investing in
South Africa's Real Estate …

house-in-south-africaThinking of making property invests in South Africa's real estate?
You’ve come to the right place. Every year thousands of people take their first step into the world of property investment for a variety of different reasons.

Clients from around the globe come with unique needs and goals. They all share the desire to safely receive return on their investment; and they all understand the importance of securing the right area at the right time - but few have the time or expertise available to do this alone.

South Africa has been a popular investment choice for overseas real estate buyers for years – British and German buyers in particular have been attracted by modest prices, glorious climate and the sheer variety of property for sale in South Africa.

Map of South AfricaWe provide an end to end service that our clients trust to help them achieve the best possible returns without the need for hands-on involvement. We will assist you every step of the way, from finding the property, securing mortgage finance, and all the way through to placing your first tenant. We will provide you with expert strategiessimple structures and proven systems that will enable you to build a profitable property portfolio and secure your families financial future.

"Whatever your preference,
South Africa's property is affordable,
high quality and accessible, and well worth a look."

South Africa ... the land where man came from ... they call it a world in one land, the rainbow nation, a mix of diverse cultures and exquisite landscapes. A sprawling land with bushveld through to deserts and forests, winter snow-capped peaks, wide unspoiled beaches and coastal wetlands. Those who have visited have been in awe.

South Africa PrideSurface Area:  12.284.400 square km
Coastline:  2700 km
Population:  43 million
GDP:  R600 Billion

People and Cultures

South Africa - the Rainbow Nation - with its many African, European and Asian cultures is truly a world in one land.

The endless diversity in African culture, together with the incredible unspoiled landscapes, offer visitors unparalleled opportunities.

Where do you find below market value properties?

Where do you find motivated sellers who are willing to sell at a discount to market value?


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